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IntroductionSửa đổi

At the heart of the town you can find the town hall, through which the town grows and flourishes. The smart civil servants, who work here, love to give you information about your local population.

The town hall is a place to go for an overview of your town. It allows you to see where you have assigned citizens, how much room you have in your city, how much space is occupied, the satisfaction of your citizens, the population growth, corruption if any, and your income/expenditure.

Every expansion of the town hall increases the maximum number of citizens allowed in your town. There are also Town Stages of the town hall expansion that changes the whole town view. The town hall shows how happy/sad your people are, your housing capacity, your income/costs, distribution of citizens, workers and scientists. It also allows you to change your town name.

Also, once every few levels the town hall changes your town icon in island view and adds more scenery to your town.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 4 Level 7 Level 10 Level 13 Level 16 Level 18+
Most cities are shown in red: City 1 red City 2 red City 3 red City 4 red City 5 red City 6 red City 7 red City 8 red
Towns you own are shown in blue: City 1 blue-1- City 2 blue-1- City 3 blue-1- City 4 blue-1- City 5 blue-1- City 6 blue-1- City 7 blue-1- City 8 blue-1-
Towns in your alliance are shown in green: City 1 green-1- City 2 green-1- City 3 green-1- City 4 green-1- City 5 green-1- City 6 green-1- City 7 green-1- City 8 green-1-
There are some yellow images which represent cities with a Military Score of zero (only if you have the addon Animated Ikariam will you see these buildings they are NOT a part of the normal Ikariam building colors): City 1 yellow City 2 yellow City 3 yellow City 4 yellow City 5 yellow City 6 yellow City 7 yellow City 8 yellow

Expansion DetailsSửa đổi

Bản mẫu:Expansion-Raw

Level Resources needed to build Time small Max
[1] [2] [3]
[4] [5] [6]
Wood small Marble small
1 - - - 60 2
2 Bản mẫu:Raw - 34m 48s 96
3 Bản mẫu:Raw - 56m 24s 143
4 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1h 24m 200
5 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1h 58m 263 3
6 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 2h 40m 333
7 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 3h 29m 410
8 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 4h 25m 492
9 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 5h 30m 580
10 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 6h 43m 672 4
11 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 8h 5m 769
12 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 9h 35m 871
13 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 11h 15m 977
14 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 13h 3m 1,087
15 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 15h 1m 1,201 5
16 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 17h 9m 1,320
17 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 20h 11m 1,441
18 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 22h 44m 1,567
19 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 1h 1,696
20 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 4h 1,828 6
21 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 7h 1,964
22 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 10h 2,103
23 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 14h 2,246
24 Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1D 17h 2,391
25 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 6D 23h 2,540 7
26 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 13D 22h 2,691
27 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 27D 21h 2,845
28 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 55D 19h 3,003
29 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 111D 15h 3,163
30 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 223D 6h 3,326 8
31 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 1Y 81D 12h 3,492
32 [7] Bản mẫu:Raw Bản mẫu:Raw 2Y 163D 19m 3,660
Level Wood small Marble small Time small Max
[1] [2] [3]
[4] [5] [6]
Resources needed to build

More Notes:Sửa đổi

  1. 1,0 1,1 Researches also increase the max population: Well digging adds 50 to the above max Population.
  2. 2,0 2,1 Population includes your workers in the saw mills, mines, pits, and quarries
  3. 3,0 3,1 The research Utopia also increases the max population of your capitol by 200 but does not affect your building materials needed to build this building.
  4. 4,0 4,1 Action points can also be interpreted as "Number of things you can do at the same time".
  5. 5,0 5,1 You acquire a new action point for every 5 levels of the Town Hall.
  6. 6,0 6,1 Action points are spent when trading, pillaging and blockading. Each action costs one action point, regardless of the numbers of units and ships involved, and the action point is returned when the action is finished.
  7. 7,0 7,1 7,2 7,3 7,4 7,5 7,6 7,7 Bản mẫu:Soft cap

SatisfactionSửa đổi

Satisfaction can be increased by building, upgrading, and utilizing the features of Taverns and Museums. In addition, the Capital receives +50 satisfaction (with Well Digging), and +200 satisfaction (with Utopia.) All towns benefit from Holiday with +25 satisfaction. Satisfaction is decreased by corruption, population increase, and running out of wine when using a tavern.

In addition to the satisfaction bonuses, researches add housing space for extra citizens. Well Digging provides extra space for 50 citizens at your capital. Holiday increases space by 50 citizens in all your towns. Utopia provides space for another 200 citizens at your capital.

There are five levels of satisfaction in a town. The higher the satisfaction, the faster population grows in this town, to the maximum level of citizens for the level of town hall plus bonus space.

Happiness level Corresponding icon Growth rate Satisfaction
Euphoric Ecstatic 6.00 and greater 300 and above
Happy Happy 1.00 - 5.98 50 to 299
Neutral Neutral 0.00 - 0.98 0 to 49
Unhappy Sad -1.00 - -0.02 -50 to -1
Angry Outraged Lower than -1.00 Below -50

New look in 0.2.0 Sửa đổi


All of this is on a per town basis (for empire gold total see the usual place).

1. Rename town

2. Population / maximum population

3. Action points: 2 base, one additional for every 5 town hall levels - 1 used per fleet/military action

4. Population gain/loss per hour

5. Gold gain/loss per hour

6. Percentage corruption, equal to: 100 * Max{0,[(Total colonies - Governor's Residence level)/Total towns]}

7. Satisfaction...

8. Satisfaction total.

9. Amount of money being made and number of people making money

10. Amount of wood being made and number of people making wood

11. Amount of special resource being made and number of people making special resource.

12. Number of ideas being made and number of people making ideas

(10, 11 and 12 all are the normal numbers minus the corruption percentage (28%))

13. Warning that there is corruption in your colony.

14. Basic satisfaction for having a town (+196)

15. Satisfaction gained from research (e.g. Holiday - +25)

16. Satisfaction from having a tavern (+12 * tavern level)

17. Satisfaction from serving wine (+80 * level of wine provided)

18. Satisfaction from having museum (+20 * level of museum)

19. Satisfaction from cultural goods in this town (+50 * number of goods)

20. Dissatisfaction from having population (-1 * population)

21. Dissatisfaction from corruption ((Basic Bonuses + Wine Satisfaction + Culture Satisfaction)* Corruption %)

Other BuildingsSửa đổi

Bản mẫu:Patch 0.2.8/Buildings